EASA issues CM ref CM-SA-002 Issue 01 on “Human Factors Considerations in Aircraft and System Functional Hazard Assessments”

This Certification Memorandum (CM) aims at stressing the importance of considering the Human Factors in Aircraft and System Functional Hazard Assessments for Large Aeroplanes. It provides applicants with a structured Human Factors methodology to validate the assumptions made about the expected flight crew behaviours, in the aircraft and system Functional Hazard Assessments (FHA).
This Certification Memorandum focusses on flight crew aspects and more specifically on:

  • identifying and defining the elements missing in the existing guidance material, incl. cognitive aspects
    underlying the failure condition recognition and the elaboration of the diagnosis of the situation,
  • establishing the criteria driving the level of scrutiny required to demonstrate the validity of these
  • providing guidance in terms of acceptable methods and means to be developed for compliance with the

This CM thus impacts on your Means of Compliance to CS 25.1309(b) and CS 25.1309(c).

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