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Feedback & Testimonial

“Duane has certainly improved the standard of our SSAs. This would not have been possible without his training onsite and workshops. Thank you!”

Luke Edward

Qantas Head of Design

“If you have not taken Duane’s System Safety Course you are missing out. Great instructor and well prepared Course that is immediately useful”

Bragi Baldursson

“Duane helped our Team develop an understanding of SSA through onsite training. At the end of each training day some Team Members spent additional time with Duane and restructured the Initial SSA using Duane’s methods in a much more Meaningful and easier to use SSA. As a result, assessing proposed aircraft changes and the impact is made simpler”


“The trainer is very good and knowledgeable. There were many Case Studies for Reference and Training.”

Section Head

RSA, Singapore



Sep 20

FAA’s fix-it list for 737Max

Source: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given Boeing preliminary approval for its proposed fixes for the troubled 737...
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Jul 20

Flying over the poles

Cosmic radiation is all around us, but its effects are seen more at altitude, and particularly at the Poles, than on the ground. However, some of the most time and fuel-efficient flight routes take aircraft well into the Arctic Circle and close to the North Pole. So how does this radiation affect us and how do pilots fly these remote routes?
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Jul 20

EASA: Proposed Deviation on CS 25.1301, 25.1302, 25.1309 and 25.1523 at Amendment 15 – User Defined Approaches

In the certification activity of a new Flight Management System, the Applicant reported the presence of the User Defined Approach...
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