Customer Feedback

2017:   A large UAV project (details classified)
Duane helped our team develop an understanding of SSA through onsite training. At the end of each training day some team members spend additional time with Duane and restructured the initial SSA using Duane’s methods in a much more meaningfull and easier to use SSA.  As a result, assessing proposed changes and the impact is made simpler” – Andrew
2016: Training in Australia
Duane has certainly improved the standard of our SSA.  This would not have been possible without his training onsite and workshops.  Thank you!” – Luke Edwards, Qantas
2010:  K2B in Singapore (Modules 1.1-1.3, 2.1-2-3 , 2.5 and summaries of 3.1-3.7)
  • “I am glad to learn from his vast experience. Privileged to have met him.”Engineer, DSO National Laboratories
  • “The trainer is very good and knowledgeable. There were many case studies fro reference and training.”Section Head, RSAF
  • “I think, he is a great trainer with good, practical knowledge in safety management and engineering.”Senior Engineer, DSTA

2006: Cranfield (Module 2.4)

“Mr. Kritzinger,
I have been made aware of your presentation “Certification of Integrated Modular Systems”, which was presented at the recent Cranfield “Safety Assessment of Aircraft Systems” course. Our Frank Viele, a Powerplants engineer, attended that course.
In reviewing your presentation, I was pleased to see that the material is highly relevant and useful to the complex aspect of certification of highly integrated systems, which more and more is challenging various OEM’s and certification authorities like ourselves at Transport Canada.
I am interested in presenting at least significant parts of your presentation unaltered to Transport Canada certification engineers, and possibly Transport Canada delegated personnel.
I am hereby seeking your permission, or release, to use your excellent material.
Your assistance would be highly appreciated.
Best regards,
John A. Melo
Engineering Advisor, Systems Safety Assessment
Aircraft Certification Branch
Transport Canada Civil Aviation”

2006:  South African Air Force and ARMSCOR (Modules 1.1-1.3, 2.1-2.3)

  • This course can be of great value to design and certification engineers and should be presented to a greater selected group in the SAAF. [JW]
  • Very well thought through course. I definitely benefited by it and understand much more than before. The operational safety case and actively managing it at system engineer level are the most relevant in formation that I got from the course. [BB]
  • Presenter showed he has passion in his field and he displayed with the energy on how he presented the course, however, I feel the short intervals added to a long presentation should be considered! I learned a lot, Thank You!!!! [NGD]
  • Very good info that can be applied daily in SAAF environment. [JR]
  • This presentation/course needs to be seen by a larger (SAAF) audience! [KG]
  • This type of lecture is very informative and good for all levels of technologists and engineers. [Lt Col. M]
  • I enjoyed the way various disciplines, tools and techniques are used in practicality in system safety. The impact that system safety has is impressive and the lack of system safety is frightening. I enjoyed the course immensely. [AK]
  • The presenter knows his subject very well. [PJH]
  • I was pleased with the course. I have obtained valuable tools, which I can use to ensure safety on any design or modification that I may be involved with. [ARN]
  • SAAF system engineers and project officers on a/c Lynx, Grippen, A400, Rooivalk programs to attend course, should include ILS, Vurtal, Radar, Test equipment etc…ground systems. [anonymous].
  • This course should be compulsory for all system engineers on projects, as well as on WSSM level. Thanks! [DD]